One of the keys to our success can be found in our approach to financial risk management. Over the years, a team of highly skilled SAFIN associates has been formed. The primary responsibility of this team is to manage and evaluate financial risks aiming to keep those risks as low as possible. In addition, we have built up outstanding relations with a number of international banks, allowing us to provide our partners with suitable financing options, including management of payments and especially all documentary transactions from and to those banks.

With the experience and commitment of our risk and financial team our bankers and clients can be confident that we are doing our best in keeping financial risks at a minimum.

As an example: Many times, steel products sourced from emerging markets, are purchased under pre-finance conditions. Basically, this means that material is paid by SAFIN prior to production and delivery. Based on our very good results over the years and our expertise in dealing with such contracts, we can easily arrange finance solutions supporting these business transactions. By expanding and improving our processes in dealing with financial funding and risks, we have become more flexible in the management of trade finance, thus supporting our partners with the smooth/swift/ execution of their financial needs.